In his commentary entitled Treasures From Romans, Dr. Rod Mattoon wrote:  “One of the best books I have read on the history of the King James Version has been written by a fundamental, independent Baptist.”  “The book is extensively documented, well-researched, easy to read, and refutes much of the lies and misinformation that is being spread today” (p. 514).

In the January-February, 2004, issue of The Biblical Evangelist, Dr. Robert Sumner wrote:  “This long-awaited volume should immediately find a spot on every pastor’s bookshelf and be carefully read by every teacher and Christian who wishes to be informed on the Bible translation issue.”  “We are glad to recommend it.” (p. 2).

In his review posted at his web site, Fred Butler, a former KJV-only advocate, wrote:  “Unbound Scriptures is an outstanding study of the various KJV arguments.”

In his email newsletter AISI, Doug Kutilek wrote:  “I give my strongest recommendation to The Unbound Scriptures.  If KJVO advocates, and those honestly seeking the truth, will read it with a mind open to facts and the truth–checking for themselves against the evidence that Norris claims–they will see that KJVOism has no factual, rational, historical, or Biblical basis.”

In the November, 2003, issue of his newsletter A Pastoral Epistle, Charles R. Wood wrote:  “Rick has just published a ‘magnum opus’ on the KJO issue called The Unbound Scriptures.”

Evangelist and pastor Estus W. Pirkle, author of The 1611 KJB: A Study wrote:  “I count it a great privilege to recommend the book The Unbound Scriptures written by Rick Norris.  His book will be of great benefit to those who really want to know the truth about God’s Word and how God has preserved it down to our day.”

A review in the July, 2004, issue of The Baptist Bulletin stated:  “Regardless of where one stands on the King James Version-only controversy, The Unbound Scriptures will be of prime interest on the subject.  One cannot help but admire the labor that has gone into this volume.”

Evangelist Ed Reese, editor of the Reese Chronological Bible, wrote:  “Norris’s position is not new–it is the time old historic position of Spurgon, Moody, Torrey, Warfield, John Rice, Clearwaters, Bob Jones, and scores more.”

Pastor Dan Powers wrote:  “This book has helped me and the people I pastor to have a clear, and understandable view of this [KJV-only] position.”

In his commentary entitled Treasures from Numbers, Dr. Rod Mattoon wrote concerning The Unbound Scriptures:  “This is probably the best book available today on the KJV issue” (p. 538).

Dr. James D. Price, executive editor of the NKJV’s O. T. and author of several books including  KJV-onlyism: a New Sect, wrote concerning my book:  “This book should be read by every pastor and student of the Bible who has been troubled by this new [KJV-only] dogma.”


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